KENYA: Did The Popular Gospel Musician-RUFF TONE Marry Out Of Love Or Pressure Because His Lover Krystal Was Pregnant?

It is now one month down the line since Rufftone married his longtime girlfriend, Krystal, in an invite only wedding. When they announced their wedding, news broke out that Rufftone was in a hurry to marry Krystal because she was pregnant, this rumor is finally true and the lady is pregnant. Obviously we can’t conclude and say that she is one special lady, who fortunately grew a baby bump in one month’s time….No! No! No! The truth is that , her being pregnant must have been one of the major reasons Rufftone married her…Here are the photos of Krystal that show her baby bump

Rufftone might have also married her in fear of what the society might think about him since he is a gospel musician and unfortunately or fortunately impregnated his longtime girlfriend. Yes, Rufftone is a Gospel musician and definitely he should lead people by example but let us not be too quick to point fingers that this guy has been sinning all along. We might even claim that he is a pretender but Hash!!!!! This is the bare truth that Rufftone and wife didnt want to share to the public. Now the truth is finally here…

Rufftone is actually one of the fathers of Gospel Music in Kenya and though he might have missed one step or two, all hope is not lost. I believe we are humans going through different motions and whatever we think weve done wrong to the public and also to ourselves is forgivable. May be, my advice to Rufftone on this issue is for them to come clean and also declare that no one is perfect.

After watching their interview on the Samantha Bridals show, I think I didnt like the fact that they were all talking about,” waiting on God,’’ ‘’Praying for God to give you the right husband” etc. . It was as though they were preaching wine and drinking water. My opinion is that, please Gospel Musicians don’t tell us the life that youve actually never lived. You would rather show us that you are not perfect but you serve the Almighty because of the desire to want to know him more and the hope that each and every day he is transforming you to be perfect.


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