KENYA: Eish! Kenyan Women??? She Claims To Have The Biggest Natural Booty In Kenya. Is It True??

Some Kenyan Women seem to be in the who has got the biggest booty competition which i think is getting a little bit out of hand Are these women doing it to please their men or is it that women have gone wild? I think everything that happens,especially in the womens circle always has a source A word for the men out there; always appreciate what your woman has, if you dont ,some will end up seeking for public approval and hence exposing themselves.

As much as women at time have got power over men, men should know that they play a big role in a womans life and as the precious book of life says; Men will always be the head of the house which means,leadership etc should start from men. If you want your woman to be that Good Woman and Maintain her standards it somehow starts from you(Men)


Maybe this lady lacked approval from her man and that is why she is seeking for the public opinion or she just wants to show that she has got it all she claim to have the biggest booty in Kenya is she a Hit or Miss?

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