KENYA: This Is Why Everyone Was Talking of PREZZO, From Gun Drama, Being Drunk On Air And Flirting On Live TV with Betty Kyalo

Fast fading Kenyan rapper, Prezzo, made a fool of himself after he appeared on live TV drunk as a skunk. The Big Brother Africa star was the guest anchor on KTN’s Prime time news, where he also had a rather awkward interview with his host Betty Kyalo.

The rapper gave Betty a hard time as she tried to form a conversation with him as he became too flirty and displayed his immaturity on live TV.

However, in between his drunken stupor, the self-styled King of Bling threw some jabs on his long time rival Jaguar albeit after Betty continuously insisted that he had to answer her questions.

So what is the beef between you and Jaguar? Betty Kyalo quipped.

Who? Prezzo asked.

J-a-g-u-a-r- Betty retorted.

You mean the car?

But after the s3xy screen gave him a proper description of Jaguar, this is what Prezzo told her:

He is actually fortunate coz I saw him taking a photo with one of my friends, the excellency. And when I asked Uhuru Kenyatta who the hell this guy was, then my people in the background told me he is called jo..jan..jog.jagu whats the name again?

But in a swift response, Jaguar has offered to take Prezzo to a rehabilitation center for free adding that the rapper had became a nuisance to Kenyans.

The Huu Mwaka hit maker, who was appointed by President Kenyatta recently to the drug abuse fighting body NACADA, further added that he was too busy helping Kenyan youths and he therefore had no time to respond to Prezzo.

“I’m busy fighting drug abuse in this nation, the only thing I can do for Prezzo, is to give him a complimentary ticket to one of our rehabs in Mombasa or Nairobi. I would like to save Kenyans from Prezzo by rehabilitating him, drug abuse is the biggest problem to our youth” Jaguar said.


Just a day after Jaguar offered to take Prezzo to a rehabilitation center after he thoroughly embarrassed himself on live TV, Prezzo responded claiming that he will only agree to go to rehab if Jaguar does something in return.

Through his twitter handle, Prezzo who had on Friday claimed that he did not know who Jaguar was insisting that he was just phony who hangs out with his friend –the President, claimed that he will only accept to go to rehab if the Huu Mwaka hit maker enrolls for English classes.

“Tell that clown Ill go to rehab once he goes for English classes scholarship Makini school Prezzo said.

Jaguar is yet to respond to the latest attack by Prezzo but according to his previous statement, he was not ready to engage in a war of words with the fast fading rapper as he was busy helping Kenyan youths.

It is also alleged that the controversial rapper, CMB Prezzo, caused drama at KTN studios on Friday Night after he brandished a gun and threatened to shoot security officers manning the premises.

Apparently, soon after he was forced out of Betty’s show for misbehaving, drama ensued between his crew and security personnel as they were exiting the premises.

According to the laid down procedures at KTN, one has to be cleared from the premises by security personnel after signing a visitor’s book.

The security instructed Prezzo to have his crew alight from the car as the driver took them trough the visitors check unit but he could hear none of this. Instead of obeying the orders, he pulled out of his gun and threatened the poor security guards but was later calmed down by his entourage.

Prezzo’s mum has since apologized over her son’s shameless behaviours and said that they are talking over the matter.

KTN’s Betty Kyalo says she received a call from Prezzo’s mother yesterday who apologized for his uncouth behavior live on TV.

According to Mrs. Makini, she felt remorseful because of Prezzo’s behavior and asked KTN viewers to forgive her son.

This is what she told Betty;

Just received a call from Prezzo’s mother, she is so remorseful over his behavior on #FridayBriefingand asks that KTN viewers forgive him.

Prezzo has now broken his silence and below is what he had to say.

I got yall talking didnt I? I mean who else cld it be but me? I wld love to apologise but what wld I be apologising 4? 

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