KENYA: Is This True About Eastlands Chics?

Is this true about Eastlands Chics??? People have stereotyped them to be the most ratchet females in Nairobi. From the way they dress exposing all their curves and fundamentals, their love for sex…etc. People also claim that once a man messes up with these ladies, they make sure that he will really pay back painfully. Sometimes, if you are a ‘’show it all guy’’ and unfortunately they bump into you during their clubbing sprees, they make sure they have drained your pockets.

I think, the lot described above is just SOME of the Eastland’s girls but not all have these type of behaviors As we all know that where something bad is spotted there must be something good-my opinion.

The extent of hatred for Eastland’s Chics by some men (NOT ALL MEN) has led them to create the most popular characteristics of these ladies especially during their clubbing sprees…IS THIS TRUE???? MEN!! COMMENTS??

1.      Excessively Drunk Women

These ladies drink to the extent of throwing up in bathrooms or just anywhere and the unfortunate thing, is that they are not ashamed of their actions because they still repeat it again and again.

2.      They are so Loud once they are Drunk

The cant control their volumes when drunk. If they try to talk you can hear their loud voices way above the music in the clubs.

3.      Negative Women

They only see themselves being better in everything than anybody else…all that they see is wack…they comment on everything, (how some other lady has dressed up,hair-styles,nail-polish,lipsticks,sex,boobs,booty,hips, etc..) just everything….

4.      Impatient

If you’re meeting them on a date, they tell you to call just to inform them youve arrived at the meeting place so that they can leave their houses. They want you to wait for them but not them to wait for you. They hate waiting.

5.      Teen Spirit Women

These are the ones who are rimming the club waiting for the party to jump off. They bring nothing to the party, but will call it wack because it didnt turn into a bashment. They are always waiting to be entertained…

6.      Random haircuts or attempts to go natural


They talk about how expensive their dresses, hot pants or shoes cost yet they are just fake and cheap

8. Know It All

What they know is what is supposed to be known and any additions or subtractions will lead to great immature arguments that may even end up into cat-fights.

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