KENYA: My Wedding Cost 12M not 9M, LINDA MUIRU Explains

Linda Muiru, the daughter to City Pastor, Pius Muiru, got married in an expensive wedding that is rumoured to have cost Ksh 9 million.

The wedding was full of classy fuel guzzlers and she was even flown around in a chopper. Linda came out openly and rubbished the rumours.

 Linda says that her wedding cost Ksh 12 Million and the 9 Million quoted by sections of the media is just peanuts.
According to sources, worshippers at Pastor Muiru’s church contributed around Ksh 5 Million to help in preparation of his daughter’s wedding. Some even sold their own property and contributed the money to Muiru’s daughter’s wedding expecting more blessings.
The other money came from his donors in the USA and Currently they are enjoying their Honeymoon in Mauritius.
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