KENYA: S3X Scandal at NTV EXPOSED!!! Head of TV Justus Tharao Sleeping with NTV Workers!!!

Something crazy and nasty is brewing at the Kimathi based TV Station that has drawn a lot of attention in the Country. It seems like theres a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Nation Media that not so many people know about. The well respected media house is not so respectable at all after rumors of s3x scandals started flying back and forth a couple of days ago.

According to sources, Head of TV, Justus Tharao, is making life of junior employees difficult due to his strong appetite for s3x. Justus salivates on anything in a skirt and he has made it a habit of tasting every female employee who joins the TV department.

Below is a photo of the s3x hungry Justus.

Any lady who rejects his s3xual demands is shown the door since he is among the decision makers at the station. Last month, he colluded with his fellow bosses to sack two female employees after they rejected his s3xual demands.

 Later on, the two female employees who were sacked were unceremoniously replaced with fresh University female graduates.  Apparently, the female graduates had to dish out their flesh to Justus for them to get the job.

Well placed sources indicate that the s3xy hungry Justus has also bedded some of the popular female anchors you see on NTV.  He has transformed his car into a lodging and does it at the basement parking.

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