KENYA: VERA SIDIKA Exposed Badly!!! Youll Have To Pay 1.3 Million Shillings for Veras Cookies, OMG! Leaked Inbox Messages Between Vera and A Client. **Biashara Imepanuka**

So, have you ever wondered where socialites get their money from? Expensive lifestyles, shopping in Dubai, flashy cars and weaves costing ridiculous amounts of money just to mention but a few. Well wonder no more, Vera Sidika the b()()tylicious  socialite who recently went a few shades lighter was recently catfished on instagram and exposed badly of her BUSINESS dealings.

Vera business doesnt come cheap though! Youd have to part way with at least 15,00o USD to receive her services. Yes that much money she aint cheap so if youre broke no cookie and nookie for you!

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