KENYA: Kenyans Discover A New Way Of Stealing From Safaricom By Paying Less On M-Pesa Transactions *MUST READ*

You have to respect Kenyans when it comes to Finding out stuff and being innovative.  From Hacking DSTV Premium packages, to Paying Less on Safaricom Data Bundles, Now Paying Less on M-pesa Transactions. 

Did u know you can spend less on MPESA? Come with me slowly, lemme teach You how to grant yourself a ‘DISCOUNT’…..

1. To withdraw 200 costs Ksh27 Alternatively: Withdraw 100 @10, Then another 100 @10
Total= 20. SAVE 7bob.
2. To withdraw 5,000 costs you Ksh 66 Alternatively: Withdraw 2500 @27, then another 2500 @27
Total= 54. SAVE 12bob
3. To withdraw 12000 costs you Ksh 159 Alternatively: Withdraw 10,000 @110, then the remaining 2000 @27
Total= 137. SAVE 22bob.

4. To withdraw 40,000 costs you Ksh 275 Alternatively: Withdraw 35,000 @187, then the remaining 5,000 @66

Total= 253. SAVE 22bob.
5. To withdraw 10,100 costs you Ksh 159 Alternatively: Withdraw 10,000 @110 then the remaining 100 @10
Total= 120. SAVE 39bob….etc.etc….
You see?

Halaf mnacomplain ati Safaricom ni wezi. Wewe ndiye umekataa kufikiria zaidi ya Safaricom!!!

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